Copper Knobs is the venture of two good friends, Claire and Becky, who both enjoy creating stuff.

When we were both going through life stuff we discovered that sanding, painting, sawing, inventing, creating, talking and laughing was just what we needed.

We didn’t start small and threw caution to the wind and found ourselves the owners of an old dark wood dresser and set to work on it. We loved working on and when we sold it we decided that doing this work was fun and we wanted to do more. Copper Knobs was created.

Claire has now taken the plunge and is working on Copper Knobs full-time offering the additional service of painting and decorating which she has done since a teenager for friends and family and has always wanted to pursue. Time for dreams to come true.

Becky is offering services to do with all things fabric including upholstery, curtains and cushions.

The joy of completing something in this busy, bitty world of ours has been refreshing. There is no theme, no pattern, no plan and we work with you to bring your home to life. We take on commissions and work on our own pieces as we have time.

If you have a piece to bring to us, a wall to paint or a some fabric to work with then we are happy to chat about options so please get in touch